Sunday, November 20, 2011

Microsoft Works, No Printer Driver?

I can't print out anything from Microsoft Works Spreadsheet. It says there is no default printer selected when I click Print. If I click Print Preview it says my printer driver is not installed. I can print from all other programs and also can print letters, envelopes and labels from Microsoft Works Word Processor. I have checked the control panel and I do have my default printer selected. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

Microsoft Works, No Printer Driver?
Yes Right click my computer choose properties and then look under printers you should see a ? there right click that choose update and then it'll ask you where too look tell it to broswer your computer.

Microsoft powerpoint 2003?

I have XP Windows with microsoft powerpoint 2003 viewer.How can I get the microsoft powerpoint 2003 online for free, but the type where you can put information on to it and change information. and add graphics

Microsoft powerpoint 2003?
its not free .. u can get it with office 2003 ...
Reply:go one better, and get it free,,, download Openoffice2 for windows, it as all the same programs as MS Office 2007. and it is FREE.... to download and install you can use it on as many computers as you like

click on the link below
Reply:I would go to and buy the MS Office 2007 Home and Student version for $109.99 USD.

You get Word, Excel and PowerPoint full versions. That's only $35 each, with free super saver shipping too.

Almost free and you get the disks.


Microsoft Internet Explorer/Outlook Help?

Microsoft Internet Explorer %26amp; Outlook Help?

Hello. I use a web based version of Microsoft Outlook for work. Whenever I try to send an email using the web based from my home computer, I get this error: "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close".

I could use it before fine until I bought a new computer and upgraded to IE 7. I am assuming its a setting that needs to be changed but I don't a clue where to start. Any help and suggestions are greatly apperciated!


Microsoft Internet Explorer/Outlook Help?
That's a recurring problem with IE7. There isn't anything you can change, except to uninstall IE7 and let it revert back to IE6. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and the Show updates box at the top. When the list loads, find Internet Explorer 7 and click to remove it. After removal, close Control Panel and restart the computer. I think you'll find this problem has gone away!

Problem with microsoft word and internet?

when i try to start microsoft word, a box comes up saying,


"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library"

Program: I:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\WINWORD.EXE

abnormal program termination


how do i fix this?

Problem with microsoft word and internet?
just reinstall all your office office applications... or remove it by the uninstall program and re install your office software
Reply:Type "winword.exe /a" in the RUN box....this will launch Word in safe mode...when inside see if you can possibly shut down any potential plugins...

Microsoft Works word processor help needed?

I used Microsoft Works word processor for my CV. I am now not sure how I can send it to people who don't have Microsoft Works. I have applied for a job and they sent me an email to say they could not open my CV as they do not have the same program. I need some help to how I can possiblY transfer my cv so I can just attach to an email regardless of what program they are using.

Microsoft Works word processor help needed?
I would say you can convert your work document into pdf format. That's the standard for sending word documents over internet.

You can download the software from or
Reply:You need to purchase word 2003 or 2007 and get on with it
Reply:Hi I realize I am a little late in answering you but here is what should be the easiest for you. Install a Free (and it has no scumware/spyware in it so it is indeed safe) printer that instead of printing to a printer it prints to a *.pdf file instead. As you know PDF is Portable Document Format and can be read by anyone who has a computer... There are two that I am aware of at this time. CutePDF is one and the other PDF Creator is for more advanced needs and can merge several documents together into one PDF file. The websites for both of these are in the source list below. Once installed you go to File, then Print and instead of using your regular printer you select from the menu "CutePDF Writer" printer or the other "PDF Creator".

I have both installed on my computer and use them all the time now...

Good luck getting that awesome job!!!!

Shoot me an enail if you need help getting these installed and working...

treslayr1 at yahoo
Reply:Are you using office 2007?
Reply:Most people prefer to receive CVs in MS Word (doc) or PDF format. IIRC, Works doesn't support either of these formats.

I suggest you save in RTF format (File %26gt; Save As and pick Rich Text Format from the Type menu near the filename entry box), and then open it in (a free download from ), reformat it to make sure it looks good (as a little formatting may be lost in the conversation to RTF) and then save it as MS Word format (File %26gt; Save As, type box again), and PDF format (File %26gt; Export as PDF).
Reply:When you save your document, choose Save As. I believe you can change the type to .doc or something close to Word. See if this works for you.
Reply:have you tried ,to copy and paste the letter /cv onto either your e.mail, or notepad,open your letter in microsoft works, right click and select all, everything should go blue then click copy,open notepad, click paste on notepad,and a copy of your cv should be on notepad, or compose a e mail after the same copy proccess, click paste and your cv should copy, into it, good luck.
Reply:When you save the file, if you click on 'Save As', then this will let you save a different format.

Other people probably use the '.doc' format.

it may be, you should easily copy that file in your mail ID and then send to them or you can also watch there ping no. and transfer that file from your computer to there computer

Microsoft support?

Hey. I once chatted with a technician of Microsoft and I was able to solve a problem almost in real time. But I do not remember the address. Can anyone post the link for me to be able to chat again with microsoft?

Thank you

Microsoft support?
Not sure what you need to chat with them about, but try this link:

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Sony vs Microsoft?

Why is it that everyone seems to love Micro$oft but hate Sony. Everybody says that Sony is just money hungry and expensive and takes advantage of consumers whether it be the PS3, BlueRay, etc... It is not like Micro$oft is some little underdog company fighting the big bad Sony, I find them just as bad if not worse than Sony. Microsoft plays dirty to keep competition out of its markets and is horrible at designing consumer products. Is it really necessary for me to buy an 360, HDDVD add on, X-box live subscription, lower quality HD video and audio output, etc all separate? Yeah Sony charges 600$ for a PS3 but at least everything is built in and streamlined and top of the line in terms of audio and video, without needing giant power bricks and industrial grade ventilation systems. I'm not saying Sony is a saint, they charge me 50$ for a controller and cant give me a 2$ USB cord, but Microsoft is no better. Why is there all there this sudden love for Microsoft and hate for Sony.

Sony vs Microsoft?
its just because anyone that is smart knows that microsoft is so much better i mean Xbox 360 has heaps better games then playstation(halo). sony is losing the console wars big time, eve nintendo wii is beating ps3
Reply:Even the Wii? lol, Wii is kicking 360's *** as well. HD DVD is losing the next gen disc war, so it looks like blu ray is the winner. Just give the PS3 some time, the profits will start churning in. Out of all the consoles it has the most potential. Report It